• Family: Halictidae
  • Tribe: Augochlorini
  • Approximate # species in region: 3
  • Common name: metallic sweat bee

Augochlorella is a small, brilliant green genus of bees, and one of three in our area that belong to the tribe Augochlorini. Augochlorella are strongly forest-associated, building nests in rotting wood in the understory of eastern deciduous woodlands. They occur on diverse flowers, including in backyards near forested areas. Three species occur in our area: A. aurata, A. gratiosa, and A. persimilis. While Augochlorella species are not known to be separable from one another in the field, members of this genus are set apart from other Augochlorini by their somewhat smaller size, oval tegulae (vs. enlarged and notched as in Augochloropsis) and always have a pointed (vs. squared off as in Augochlora) marginal cell on the hind wing.

Species covered: none