Other guides we like

The bee watching community is small but mighty. We’re hoping to change that. Here are a few of our favorite guides that made us excited to start watching bees (and other flower-visiting insects). We hope you find them helpful too.

Bee identification

Bees of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region (iNaturalist)

The Bees of Vermont (Vermont Center for Ecostudies)

Bumble bees of the Eastern United States (Xerces Society)

Wisconsin Bumble Bee Guide (Gratton Lab)

The Bees in Your Backyard (Joe Wilson and Olivia Messinger-Carril)

Bees (Heather Holm)

Fly identification

Flower flies of northeastern North America (Skevington et al.)

Flower flies of Minnesota (Scott King)

The Fly Guide (Even and Zachary Dankowicz)

Wasp identification

Wasps (Heather Holm)

Solitary wasps & kin (Dick Walton)