• Family: Halictidae
  • Tribe: Halictini
  • Approximate # species in region: 5
  • Common name: furrow bees

Halictus are fairly generic and fairly common bees. This genus of generic, dark-colored bees includes several widespread and abundant species that are field identifiable. Halictus are generally distinguishable from their similar-sized sweat bee relatives Lasioglossum by their hair bands on the rim of the tergites (e.g. a hair band on T1 overhangs the top of T2). Males often have a thin strip of yellow on bottom of their clypeus. All nest in the ground and are known to exhibit some form of sociality, which means they can be found in most months of the growing season.

Species covered:

Scientific NameCommon NamePhenologyHabitatForage
Halictus ligatus/Halictus poeyiLigated/Poey’s furrow beeMay-SeptemberWidespread, backyardsGeneralist, esp. Asteraceae
Halictus rubicundusOrange-legged furrow beeMay-SeptemberWidespread, backyardsGeneralist
Halictus confususConfusing furrow beeMay-SeptemberWidespread, backyardsGeneralist, esp. Fabaceae

Species requiring accounts: