• Family: Apidae
  • Tribe: Nomadini
  • Approximate # species in region: 40
  • Common name: Nomad bees

Nomada are red, black, and yellow wasp-like bees, most of which are cleptoparasites of mining bees Andrena. As cleptoparasites, Nomada are tied to their hosts, and so most species occur in spring when their Andrena hosts are also active. These colorful cuckoo bees are frequently seen in early spring when their Andrena mining bee hosts are active. You are likely to encounter them nectaring on flowers in your garden, hovering in warm, sunny spots in the forest, or walking over the ground near their host’s nest. Nomada are angular and relatively wasp-like, and females lack pollen-carrying hairs on their bodies, belying their parasitic lifestyle.

Species covered: none