Coelioxys dolichos

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Coelioxys dolichos is a big, distinctive sharptail of the southern US. Oddly enough, this cuckoo bee looks a bit like its host Megachile xylocopoides—glossy dark all over with purplish wings held out at an angle. C. dolichos just creeps into the northeast region in Maryland and southern New Jersey, mapping strongly to the range of its host. Look for this stocky bee on Asteraceae.


June to September. One generation per year.


Maryland to southern New Jersey. Overlaps tightly with host Megachile xylocopoides.


Size >honey bee

Females are large, stocky sharptails. Glossy and dark all over, with thin banding on abdomen (often missing on worn individuals); dark legs; dark purplish wings almost always held out at an angle while foraging.

Males are similar to females, but with a less pointed, spine-tipped abdomen.

Similar species

Distinctive among Coelioxys.


Cleptoparasite of Megachile xylocopoides.


Found on Asteraceae like sunflowers Helianthus, beggarsticks Bidens, and goldenrod Solidago and on Lamiaceae like mountain mints Pycnanthemum spp.

Natural Enemies

None reported.

Last updated: Feburary 15, 2023